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School& Educational Activities

  • Duration: 2-4 Hours

  • Min Age : 7+

  • Availability : Selected Dates

  • Max People : No Limit

Tours & Workshops for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Our School and Educational Activities are perfect for Academic Organisations. We organise Bespoke Pedagogic activities for Schools, Colleges and Universities. For instance, our activities suit Pedagogic Institutions. So get in touch if you are looking for something fun and relevant to do. In addition, our Lisbon School Tours engage with all ages. We use the Street Art as an engaging tool. Above all, our Educational Activities carry relevant content. Therefore, they compliment well studies.

For instance, we offer School and Educational Activities to both Portuguese and Overseas Organizations. Furthermore, they can be done in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Whichever is your goal, our Academic Tours and Workshops have different lenghs. Whether you are looking for a Day Off or a weekend away, we make it remarkable. Whether you want an unique insight into Lisbon’s Culture and Community. Or to deepen the Art understanding, we’ve got it covered!

For instance, a Street Art Tour or Graffiti Workshop ties in well with the Art & Design Curriculum. Similarly, Stencil Workshops help develop artistic skills and understanding. Either way, our School and Educational Activities includes many creative tasks. They help develop not only individuals, but group thinking. In conclusion, you can expect Creativity, Insight and Expertise from us.

To see how we can help you organise a truly unique Lisbon Educational Experience for your students, get in touch. You can write us at . Or even simply use the form on this page!

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