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The Craft Beer Lisbon scene is an ever growing market in a country that hasn’t always been open for changes. Once I asked a portuguese how he liked his beer and got a funny answer in response. He said:“It’s good, but it takes too much space off the wine”. More than once, I heard beer “is meant to be cold and cheap”. In Lisbon, a pint of larger- as they call, an “imperial”, can cost only €1! Therefore, for a local to spend over €3 in something other than food and wine, it needs to be better than just “fashionable”. But the Craft Beer is slowly moving from hype into a habbit in Portugal.

Portuguese are people of habits and tradition. Therefore new ideas might need a bit of time and persistence to grow and be accepted here. Although, surprisingly over the last couple of years, the Portuguese Craft Beer production grew 106% in quantity and 88% in value around the country. Whistl the most popular breweries in Lisbon are O Duque, Oitava Colina, Lince, Dois Corvos  and Musa. Other breweries like Letra, Mean Sardin, Sovina and Maldita are spread around the country. And together, they represent the Portuguese Craft Beer scene very well. And inspite of the country being the 15th on the European production rank, its production represents a wide range of products. Portuguese ales are competitive and inventive. And made of successful recipes, creative branding and modern layouts.

It was thinking of this new boom that Alternative Lisbon Tours designed the original and exclusive Craft Beer Lisbon Tour. It takes people to the coolest beer bars in the centre of Lisbon offering a  insight to this brand new market. We not only get to see the brewing process that happens inside the first Lisbon’s Brewpub but also get to understand how the Portuguese History has shaped the taste of the consumers here. As a plus, you get to know the coolest bars in town and try a big range of different beers produced locally.

And if that is not enough reason to book Lisbon’s Top Craft Beer Experience for you, your partner and friends with us, here is more. We give in-depth explanations about craft beer, sipping selected tasting trays and nibbling on delicious portuguese snacks whistl exchanging experiences and top tips of Lisbon. As a plus, you see local hidden spots you can always go back to, whistl staying in this town.



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