Running in Lisbon with us

Running in Lisbon is a great achievment for those seeking for more health and strengh. Lisbon is full of beautiful views and skies that encourage exercise. And has plenty of places to spot and stop on the way. As we know, fitness is something that comes and goes depending on the phase of life we are living in.  In the summer, people tend to worry  about their shape and populate gyms with their “beach body” goals and schedules, that soon will decipate in the midst of busy work caleandars amongst other excuses. But for those who want to persist with a healthy routine, it’s always a good idea to build endurance and gain momentum by training in groups or pairs. Better still, to turn running into a nice group activity. This is why Alternative Lisbon Tours have designed the Best Alternative Lisbon Running Tour combining fitness and The Lisbon Street Art, providing you with an opportunity to learn about the city and get fit in just over an hour.

I know you might be thinking: “Running in Lisbon with all those hills? No, thanks. It’s too hard.”. What you may not be considering is there are options. The beautiful river Tagus, for instance. It is a nice flat option for long stretches with the most stunning view to the sea. This is where Lisbon locals go every day for their jogs, workouts & cycle routines.

So if you thought that Running in Lisbon was not practical,  don’t worry because in our Lisbon Running Tour, we avoid the steepness of the hills and instead, go for soft inclines that will suit your training without forcing the muscles and joints too much.

Our Lisbon Running Tour is the perfect activity for tourists & locals who enjoy both running and exploring the city. We cover a lot of ground and will take you to parts of Lisbon known for their beauty, history and art. We run at a gentle pace, taking a few water breaks whilst listening to city insights from your expert athlete guide and Lisbon local.

We run at the group’s level, giving the option to finish after 5k at a nice central cafe or to continue the run ending after 8k at the coolest Lisbon Spot LX Factory. By this point, you would have earned the right to devour one or two nata custards or even knock back a refreshing beer! You can then join us at the Alternative Lisbon Running Tour bringing along your friends or partner soon after.

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